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10 tips for a family fly-cruise holiday in 2020

Traveling with kids can be an adventure full of incredible memories and tons of stress, but it doesn’t have to be. By being a little more prepared – like getting the best insurance for Australians, packing extra snacks, or timing naps just right – you can have the vacation of a lifetime together.

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The Dubai cruise sector’s growth is driven by fly-cruise passengers who fly to Dubai from Europe, the US, US, India and Asia to board cruise ships and sail around the Arabian Gulf. And while cruise lines prefer to homeport in region’s with a larger local source market, Dubai has done a lot to make the experience of fly-cruising into the city more convenient.

Passengers still prefer booking a cruise that departs locally, avoiding the need to fly. It doesn’t have to be a major stress though. Have a wonderful vacation with your family by following these simple hacks. You will enjoy the special moments that you make with your children. And they will have joyful memories that will last them an entire lifetime.

1. Make sure that you make a separate packing list for each member of the family to avoid forgetting essentials like diapers, medicine, or a favorite stuffed bear.

2. Request a crib or extra bed in your hotel to ensure everyone has a comfy place to sleep. Also handy if you have a little one that might be scared to be away from mom and dad.

3. Print up a list of medications and vitamins with proper doses and give to each adult to avoid mix-ups.

4. Call ahead to car rental places to check on available car seats and child booster seats.

5. Pack a lot, like a lot, of snacks for the car ride, train travel, flight, etc. Opt for small, pre-wrapped no-mess goodies (skip the pudding). Or save money by packing in small individualized size plastic containers.

6. Time naps around travel time. For example, if you know you have a long drive ahead, keep the kiddos awake until you leave. Then enjoy a few hours of quiet as you drive.

7. Plan nursing around your itinerary if possible. If you have an infant, planning breastfeeding can be nearly impossible, but older babies can adjust their schedules slightly to accommodate your travels. You might not be able to pump and store milk, especially if you travel internationally or plan camping trip. If you need to store breastmilk, call ahead to your lodgings to ensure that there is a working refrigerator available to guests.

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8. Be ready with entertainment. Your smartphone or table can serve as a mini-entertainment center full of games, TV shows, and movies. Buy a dozen small toy packs and keep in your bag. When the kids get bored, surprise them with a new toy to play with.

9. Travel toys at the airport or hotel can be very, very expensive. Make a trip to the discount store a couple of days before you travel to save money with the travel toys.

10. Before you leave be sure to get insurance. The cost for travel insurance varies when you include your family, pets, and valuables. Call around a few months in advance for the best travel insurance, which can invaluable if your cruise gets cancelled or delayed.

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