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4 reasons you should try a cruise holiday at least once

Statistics don’t lie. More than 28.5-million people took a cruise last year according to CLIA, and of all the passengers carried by five of the largest cruise lines, around 80% said they were satisfied with their experience (based on social media reviews and reports).


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This is a large part of why the cruise industry grew by more than 6% in 2018 compared to 2017. Cruises enable you to experience several destinations aboard a floating hotel with the majority of the daylight hours spent in port, while cruising overnight between destinations.

While cruising between ports there are a plethora of activities and entertainment options on-board, as well as unlimited and all-inclusive food options and even dedicated facilities for children and families.

For these reasons, the appeal of a cruise holiday is growing exponentially.

Great value for money

A cruise offers a full package included in the fare. A single package is inclusive of transport costs, accommodation, and meals. You also get to enjoy facilities such as swimming pools, classy dinners and also drinks on some lines.

Some cruises will also offer discounts, especially for children. If the children are sharing a room with adults they won’t be charged at all for the trip apart from receiving meals and enjoying the facilities of the ship.

Visit several destinations

One thing that makes cruising amazing is the number of port calls on each itinerary. The ship calls at several ports on the average week-long itinerary, and at least one or two on a shorter three or four day cruise.


Cruise ships typically call for a full day in these ports, and sometimes even overnight. You can experience the culture of the different stops and explore major landmarks and tourists attractions on your own or with a group organized by the ship.

Family friendly

Cruises have evolved to offer something for everyone. If you are on the cruise with your kids, there are dedicated children’s and teens facilities offered by most major cruise lines, as well as daytime activities organized around children.

Children over three years old can also be left with the ship’s childcare specializes during the day, allowing couples to enjoy quality time together. And if being around kids isn’t your bag, there are ways to avoid them altogether.

Easy to plan

Cruises are also easy to plan as key aspects of your journey are already catered for. Accommodation and meals are inclusive in the travel package along with the destinations.

All that’s required is for you to book the cruise and any flights needed (if it’s a fly-cruise holiday), although most cruise lines and travel agents will offer a fly-cruise package inclusive of airfare.

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