Princess Cruises says passengers can continue to work from home with its superior WiFi

If you’re still working from home in the post-pandemic world, there’s no need to book time off to take a cruise, according to Princess Cruises, which says it’s at sea internet is now able to ensure seamless connectivity.

Princess Cruises explains this is possible by leveraging a new constellation of satellites, giving every ship in the fleet land-like connectivity as part of its MedallionNet Wi-Fi service.

Princess says passengers will be able to work from home during a cruise from 2021 onwards

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The cruise line says this will make remote working, distance learning, and the secure conduct of important transactions, available during the cruise. It even said video conference calls will be possible.

Each Princess MedallionClass ship transmits enough bandwidth per vessel to guarantee a superior connection for each guest and the personal device they are using.

“MedallionNet’s seamless integration ensures guests can work from their deck chairs as efficiently and effectively as in their office, with access to their cloud-based enterprise applications such as storage, videoconferencing, and email,” Princess Cruises said in a release.

“And because there is an access point in every stateroom, as well as all public areas, guests can move freely around the ship as they work without any frustrating signal drops,” it added.

More than 40% of Americans are expected to continue to work remotely post-pandemic, with 36.2 million Americans projected to telecommute by 2025, the ability to continue to do so will therefore be a boon for Princess passengers if the cruise line’s WiFi lives up to the hype.

And with the rise in home-schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are growing expectations that virtual learning will become a normal part of education for millions of children around the world.

The enhanced internet will be provided through Princess’ wearable tech infrastructure

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A recent RAND Corporation survey of school districts in the US alone found that by last fall, one in five were already planning or contemplating a post-pandemic virtual schooling option.

Super-fast internet at sea will therefore give parents more options for planning cruises during the academic year, and for older learners in need of extra support during their cruise, there are multiple ways to get paper help that can help ease some of the burden.

In late 2021, Princess Cruises’ connectivity partner, SES, will begin to launch a new constellation of satellites2O3b mPOWER, which will further super-charge MedallionNet and offer guests the best connectivity possible at sea.

The unmatched bandwidth capacity not only delivers superior Wi-Fi service levels, but also powers the Princess MedallionClass experience onboard.

The advanced wearable device replaces the traditional cruise card to significantly expand touch-free options and personalization on board with keyless cabin access, on-demand food and beverage and retail orders, friends and family locator and other services.

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