Crystal Cruises offer new mini-cruise in South Africa for 2017 season

If you’ve always wanted to cruise Crystal, but never had more than R100,000 to fork out for one of their grand voyages, you may be able to take advantage of one of their new ‘Crystal Getaways’, which are much shorter and therefore ‘cheaper’.

Crystal Cruises has unveiled an expanded selection of Crystal Getaways – abbreviated voyages derived from longer existing itineraries – for both 2017 and 2018.

New to the roster of Getaways are eight shortened segments of Crystal Serenity’s 2018 World Cruise voyages, exploring Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, South America, the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, and the Caribbean.

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“The global voyages range from four to 17 days in length, providing busy travellers options for luxury vacations with reduced investment of time and funds,” Crystal Cruises says in its press release, but the South African option, a six day cruise from Maputo to Cape Town still comes in at a whopping R24,000.

“Crystal Getaways are perfectly suited to modern luxury travellers, whose calendars are packed but who relish opportunities to discover new cultures and adventures,” says Carmen Roig, Crystal’s senior vice president of marketing and sales. “These shortened itineraries help our guests make the most of their travel time, with the same standard of Crystal’s award-winning luxury and enriching experiences, at a fraction of the fare of the full voyage.”

Combined with existing 2017 Crystal Getaways exploring the Arabian Coast, South Africa and the Caribbean, the newly added 2018 itineraries round out a total of 15 abbreviated worldwide journeys.

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Guests can discover the glamour of the United Arab Emirates and the wilds of the African savannah; the bustling marketplaces and sacred temples of Vietnam and the famous giant pandas of Chengdu; the crystalline waters of Fiji and waterside jungles of Phuket; and the biological wonders of the Galapagos Islands and colorful culture of Chile.

The new collection of Crystal Getaways includes:


November 22, Dubai to Abu Dhabi, 4 days, Crystal Symphony

November 26, Abu Dhabi to Mahé/Victoria, 5 days, Crystal Symphony

December 1, Mahé/Victoria to Port Louis, 8 days, Crystal Symphony

December 6, Fort Lauderdale to Barbados/Bridgetown, 8 days, Crystal Serenity

December 9, Port Louis to Maputo, 7 days, Crystal Symphony

December 14, Barbados/Bridgetown to Charleston, 6 days, Crystal Serenity

December 16, Maputo to Cape Town, 6 days, Crystal Symphony


January 30, Honolulu to Sydney, 17 days, Crystal Serenity

March 15, Hong Kong to Singapore, 14 days, Crystal Serenity

March 28, Singapore to Colombo, 12 days, Crystal Serenity

April 6, Valparaíso to Lima, 6 days, Crystal Symphony

April 9, Colombo to Mumbai, 6 days, Crystal Serenity

April 12, Lima to Colón, 7 days, Crystal Symphony

April 23, Aruba to Fort Lauderdale, 7 days, Crystal Symphony

May 26, Honolulu to Vancouver, 8 days, Crystal Symphony

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