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Dubai Airport: DXB Int. now provides free video streaming for visitors

A complaint that cruise passengers to Dubai make time and again when they fly into Dubai, is that the waiting time between their flight landing and the cruise ship boarding beginning is too long.

Well now Dubai Airport has changed all that with its new free video streaming service that means you’ll never have to get bored at the airport again.

The airport with the world’s fastest Wi-Fi is now offering an on-demand video streaming service in partnership with ICFLIX.

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Recognising the international make-up of Dubai cruise tourists, the airport is offering free streaming of the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabic entertainment, from TV shows to movies and documentaries.

More than 90 million people per year are now be able stream ICFLIX at Dubai Airport, and the service will be available on an initial trial period lasting two months, before both the airport and ICFLIX assess the option of future services.

ICFLIX is a regional version of Netflix, but with English-language content that isn’t as cool or up-to-date. It consists mainly of older movies and re-runs of long-cancelled TV shows, so don’t expect Game of Thrones or Walking Dead.

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