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A year-long cruise is cheaper than average cost of living in Dubai for 12 months

A cruise itinerary developed by Planet Cruise for fun has turned out to be much cheaper than the average cost of living in Dubai for the same amount of time, even without the additional ‘luxury’ benefits such as pool and beach club access added in.
Touted as the world’s longest cruise, Planet Cruise put together a list of cruises that are timed just right so that you could depart one ship and immediately board another, bound for a different destination.
The 365-day cruise-hopping adventure would have food, entertainment and accommodation taken care of and would take you to some of the most ironic and exotic destinations in the world.
The Canaries would be visited at Christmas and Spain would be explored in the summer, while the winter would be spent cruising the Arabian Gulf and Eastern Mediterranean.
You would need to cruise-hop several times as the itinerary includes seven cruise lines (P&O, Costa Cruises, Thomson Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Hurtigurten and Cruise & Maritime Voyages).

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Over the course of a year, you’d visit 35 countries on 5 continents and dock in 163 different ports.

The 2017 cruise costs £24,000 for a 52-week voyage, which is £4,668 cheaper than the cost of living in Dubai for year.

Whilethis may not be ideal for everyone, or if you don’t have the time or patience to undertake or plan such an adventure, there are other options for those wanting to spend several weeks on the high seas.

The current longest cruises in the world

Cunard’s 122-night World Voyage aboard Queen Victoria in January 2018 departs Southampton and cruises west across the Atlantic to the Americas, crossing the Pacific and sailing over to southern Africa, visiting 39 ports in 25 countries along the way. Highlights include Reunion in the Indian Ocean, Kagoshima in Japan and Rabaul in Papua New Guinea. The cruise costs from £14,699 per person.

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P&O Cruises 99-night World Cruise aboard Arcadia in January 2018, cruising from Southampton to the Caribbean islands, through the Panama Canal, then on to explore San Francisco, Hawaii, the South Pacific and New Zealand. After visiting Sydney, you’ll sail to Asia, visiting the likes of Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sri Lanka, before taking in Middle Eastern and European delights such as Aqaba, Naples and Seville. The voyage, which stops at 36 ports, costs from £10,199 per person.

Viking Cruises’ 141-day voyage spans five continents, but departed in December 2017 and treats passengers to 35 countries and 66 ports, with overnight stays in 12 cities. The cruise aboard the new Viking Star from Miami to London stops in Costa Rica, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Bali, Phuket, Muscat, Valletta, Sardinia and many more desirable destinations. Prices start from £38,790.

Olsen Cruise Lines’ 108-night Wonders of the World cruise visits six continents with ancient and new wonders, from centuries-old ruins to modern mega-cities and breath-taking examples of Mother Nature’s finest work. The world cruise aboard Black Watch departed Southampton in January and includes highlights such as soaking up the sunshine on the beaches of Bermuda, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, exploring UNESCO-protected Komodo Island an discovering the ancient Pyramids of Giza. The cruise costs from £11,699 per person.


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