Carnival tightens F&B offers to counter inflation and supply chain delays

Carnival Cruise Line has responded to ongoing inflation challenges and supply chain shortages by altering some of its food and beverage policies and introducing new fees.

Carnival has confirmed that it will no longer be offering endless free ice cream 24/7, while the main dining room will no longer provide a third entree for free, and prices of various specialty restaurants will be going up.

Carnival has raised the price to dine in its steakhouse

The cruise line said it is making the food and beverage adjustments in response to a range of operational challenges, including higher fuel prices, supply chain delays and ongoing high inflation rates.

In a letter to guests, the cruise line said food costs in particular had risen to an extent that modest but specific action was required.

Lobster will now only be offered in the dining room once on cruises longer than six days.

The cruise line did not specifically mention the war in Ukraine, which began in February this year with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but that conflict has been responsible for a range of increases in supply chain costs across the global F&B sector.

Carnival will be making the following changes as a result:

Steakhouse prices increased to $48 per person from $42.

Prices at specialty dining restaurants on select ships will increase.

Free lobster will now only be served in the main dining room on cruises lasting six days or more, (but will be moved to the second elegant evening).

Free ice cream and frozen yogurt will now only be served during set hours (11am until midnight).

Guests ordering a third entrée in the main dining room will see an additional $5 charge.

Perhaps anticipating that the removal of free 24/7 ice cream would be the most unpopular of the changes, Carnival Cruise Line addressed the move at length in its letter to guests.

“You can still have ice cream every day, multiple times a day, and as much as you want, but from lunch until a midnight snack,” the letter said.

Free ice cream will now only be available from 11am to midnight.

“While ice cream for breakfast or at 2:00 am sounds like a great Idea when you’re on vacation, the truth is that we are seeing lots of waste, and this is one of those times when we ask guests to join us in our efforts to reduce food waste in a way that will have a negligible impact on the overall vacation experience,” it added.

Carnival Cruise Line said in a follow up statement that the changes would apply immediately, with specialty dining reservations paid in advance remaining at the previous lower price until December 31st.

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