P&O Cruises announces name for second Excel-class LNG powered mega cruise ship

P&O Cruises newest Excel-class cruise ship will be called Arvia, the cruise line has revealed, with the LNG-powered mega ship due to join the six-ship fleet in December, 2022.

Arvia is Latin for “from the seashore”, and her name continues P&O Cruises’ naming convention that uses ancient Greek and Latin adjectives for its ships.

Arvia will be delivered in December, 2022.

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Iona, for example, is Greek for “blessed”, while the second-largest ship in the fleet, Britannia, is a Latinisation of the native Brittonic word for Great Britain, Pretanī, which also produced the Greek form Prettanike or Brettaniai.

“Arvia will join Iona as an innovative and future-focused ship offering an outstanding, varied and contemporary holiday,” said P&O Cruises President Paul Ludlow.

“The Arvia has been designed to travel to the sun year-round and to maximize views of the ocean and the seashore from everywhere on board, so it seemed a very fitting name and one which will reflect the experience for guests on board,” he said.

“The seashore is known for its relaxing properties and tranquility and a holiday on the Arvia will, indeed, celebrate this and have relaxation at its heart,” he added.

“The rejuvenating and restorative qualities of a walk on the beach and invigorating sea air will be reflected in the experiences both onboard and onshore as well as the vast space onboard, which has enabled us to include a number of new and extraordinary features,” he said.

The SkyDome will be a chillout spot during the day and nightlife central in the evening

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Arvia’s cruise program will go on sale in March and further details of the ship, its design and experiences onboard will be released over the coming months, P&O Cruises said.

What is known is that Arvia will carry 5,200 passengers and is likely to feature many of the same amenities that have made her sister ship, Iona, such a highly anticipated addition to the British cruise market.

The three-deck atrium aboard P&O’s Iona.

These include her massive atrium, the SkyDome entertainment venue on decks 16 and 17 with a retractable stage, and 7 complimentary restaurants, including 8 specialty restaurants, and 12 bars.

A half-mile-long lanai deck with a covered promenade will offer seaside dining and drinking, along with a range of retail options.

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