Royal Caribbean says Perfect Day at CoCoCay could handle three Oasis ships at once

Royal Caribbean plans to have up to three cruise ships calling at Perfect Day at CoCoCay simultaneously, Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, said on the cruise line’s first quarter earnings call.

“We’ve designed Perfect Day to deliver what we think will generally be a perfect day for our customers,” he said, according to Cruise Industry News. “And from what we’ve seen so far with between 4,000 and 6,000 people on the island, we’ve got a huge amount of space available.”

12,000 people per day with three ships docked implies three Oasis class ships could call simultaneously

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However, Bayley wants to see up to 12,000 people on the island per day eventually.

“We’ve engineered and designed for peak, and the peak was way up close to 10,000. We’ll now operate it with bigger ships coming to Perfect Day, and we’ll see how it goes,” he said.

“We’re kind of feeling pretty optimistic about the potential for three ship calls versus two ship calls that could take us up to 12,000 (guests) a day,” Bayley added.

That 12,000 guest per day limit would essentially mean three Oasis-class ships docked simultaneously.

But if that seems like a lot (it’s almost double the 2-million guest per year target Royal Caribbean has set for the island), Bayley would like to remind you of the space available.

“Remember, it’s a fairly large island and we’ve only developed about a third of it,” he said.

Perfect Day at CoCoCay is a new expansive waterpark that’s been developed on the private island owned by the cruise line.

Perfect Day Island CocoCay in the Bahamas

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It’s part of Royal Caribbean’s ongoing strategy to enhance it’s short cruise offerings and gain a greater share of the new-to-cruise market, which is currently dominated by Carnival Cruise Line.

Royal Caribbean will deploy a number of it’s newly refurbished Voyager-class ships in South Florida for three and four day cruises in the Caribbean, including port calls at Perfect Day.

Bayley said the combination of the ships, which have been through the Royal Amplified refit program, along with Perfect Day, has “really stimulated” the new-to-cruise market.

Royal Caribbean will fully open its Perfect Day at CocoCay experience this month and according to Royal Caribbean chairman Richard Fain, it’s going to present an extremely competitive offering in the Caribbean.

“We really think Perfect Day is a game changer for us and quite exciting,” he said.

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