Carnival introduces high-energy Zumba-based classes for cruising kids

Carnival Cruise Line has expanded its on-board youth programming with an exclusive partnership with Zumbini, offering high-energy early childhood activities and classes that combine singing, dancing and playing.

Created by Zumba and BabyFirst, Zumbini’s mixed-age music and movement curriculum features group sing-alongs, activities and musical instruments to keep children engaged and energised while learning.

Zumbini is based on the Zumba dance/exercise program but is tailored to children

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“Carnival carries 800,000 children annually, the most in cruising, so we’re always expanding and enhancing our onboard programming to provide even the youngest cruisers an unforgettable experience,” said Chris Nelson, Vice President of Entertainment for Carnival Cruise Line.

“We are so excited to bring Zumbini to our ships and to give families and their children a unique experience,” he added.

The fleetwide on-board Zumbini program will be led by Carnival’s trained youth staff and aimed at Carnival’s youngest cruisers (passengers between two and five years old). It will be free of charge, and will encompass two class options taking place within the Camp Ocean children’s play areas and other lounges.

The first is a 30-minute drop-off class for Carnival Penguins age group (two-to-five years old), which will be available on all Carnival cruises.

The second is a 30-to-45-minute family class for children up to six years old focused on parent/child bonding, which will only be offered on cruises of at least six days.

Carnival Cruise Lines has one of the largest kids programs at sea, with brand partnership with Dr Seuss among others

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“When we realized that Zumba was transforming the fitness community and turning rigorous dance and aerobic movements into fun, approachable and sharable experiences, we saw the potential to make classes specific to families and children,” said Alberto Perlman, CEO of Zumba.

“Based on the revolutionary Zumba exercise programs for adults, Zumbini’s classes have soared in popularity on land, so I can only imagine how wonderful they will be on the high seas,” added Jonathan Beda, CEO of Zumbini.

“We knew Carnival was the perfect partner to take Zumbini seaside and cannot wait to give Carnival’s guests the ultimate bonding experience and a new way to Choose Fun.”

Carnival Cruise Line’s Ocean Camp is the largest kids program in the cruise industry, with the cruise line carrying more under-18s than any other.

Carnival Cruise Line has three separate youth programs on-board for passengers under 18, each with their own tailor-made spaces.

Camp Ocean caters for passengers aged 2–11 with climbing frames and ball pits, Circle “C” is for those 12–14 and has video games and various activities, and Club O2 is for the 15–17 year old crowd, with an on-board ‘hangout’ lounge is a mash-up of a nightclub and games arcade without the alcohol.

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