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Middle East cruise hub Dubai destroyed by epic tsunami in new Geostorm trailer

Dubai has become a major cruise hub in the Middle East, with the Dubai Cruise Terminal the primary point by which those in the GCC embark on their Arabian Gulf cruises, but in the new trailer for the apocalyptic thriller Geostorm, the sea comes to Dubai, quite literally.

The new teaser released on Facebook by Warner Bros shows a huge tsunami crashing into the Dubai coastline in the film starring Gerard Butler and Abbie Cornish.

Although the depth of the Arabian Gulf makes such an eventuality impossible, and although the Burj Khalifa isn’t in fact that close to the coast, it hasn’t stopped the clip going viral.

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The blockbuster tells the story of a satellite designer who must attempt to save the world from a seriously epic storm after the earth’s technology to control the weather fails (if you think this far-fetched, consider that Dubai can now almost control when it rains – seriously).

Think The Day After Tomorrow mixed with Volcano, with a healthy dose of Twister.

Geostorm is set to be released on October 20, so we’ll see you in cinemas then, or aboard one of the magnificent cruise ships home-porting in Dubai this cruise season, because let’s face it, the ocean is always better enjoyed in its proper place, at sea.

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