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Swan Hellenic reveals details of 2024 Cultural Expedition Cruises to South Africa

Swan Hellenic has released details of its 2024 cruises with itineraries across the world, including South Africa, the Mediterranean, the Arctic, Antarctica, Brazil, and more.

Itineraries range from eight-day explorations to 21-night semi-circumnavigation voyages, accompanied by expert guides, scientists and explorers. This marks Swan Hellenic’s return to Africa after its series of expedition cruises to the continent in 2023.

Swan Hellenic’s new luxury 5-star Scandi-design boutique cruise ship SH Vega will explore the Antarctic Peninsula from Ushuaia through March 2024, when it’s set to embark on the 21-day South Atlantic Semi-Circumnavigation cruise.

Ushuaia to Cape Town cruise

This cruise will take the ship to Cape Town, South Africa, visiting Gough Island and Tristan de Cunha along the way.

The voyage to Cape Town will depart Ushuaia, in Argentina on March 4th, 2024. The 21-night voyage sails from Ushuaia to the icy wilderness of the South Shetlands and gives passengers the opportunity to experience Adelie penguins and downy snow petrels in the South Orkneys.

The ship will also call in beautiful South Georgia with its world’s largest macaroni penguin population, and take passengers to see some of the world’s rarest animals on Gough Island and the volcanic islands of Tristan da Cunha, before arriving in Cape Town.

On March 25th, 2024, SH Vega will then sail for Luanda in Angola on the west coast of Africa.

Cape Town to Luanda cruise

The 10-night cruise takes in Luderitz and Walvis Bay in Namibia, taking guests from the harsh conditions of the Namib desert to unspoilt Angolan coastlines, spotting flamingos, pelicans, whales and dolphins along the way.

During the summer season, SH Vega will also explore Cornwall, Ireland, Wales and Scotland as well as Iceland, Norway and the Arctic.

The ship will then spend October and November sailing the Caribbean and Brazil through November, 2024.

SH Vega

SH Diana will be based in Antarctica until late February 2024, when it’s set to return north into the Chilean Fjords and up the West Coast of South and Central America.

In Halifax, Canada, the ship will move to Greenland in late May for the Arctic season. In the summer, SH Diana will explore the Mediterranean before transiting the Suez Canal in October to explore the Seychelles, Madagascar and South Africa.

Featured itineraries aboard the SH Vega include In Shackleton’s Footsteps, the Pristine Islands of West Africa as well as the  Unspoilt Wilds of Southwest Africa.

“We’re truly delighted with the fantastic itineraries our experts have curated for 2024,

enriched with exciting new destinations, including Cuba and the Bijagós islands,” said Andrea Zito, CEO of Swan Hellenic. “We’re now offering an unrivaled choice of worldwide opportunities to see what others don’t with unique style and personalisation.”

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