Royal Caribbean International enhances crew spaces aboard upcoming Icon of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International is upgrading its crew spaces with enhanced facilities debuting aboard Icon of the Seas, according to the latest edpisode of its Making an Icon series on You Tube.

Royal Caribbean’s new video titled “Making an Icon: Creating the Crew’s Neighborhood,” takes viewers behind the scenes on a completely revamped crew area on the new Icon of the Seas.

The video reveals the new home designed for the 2,300 crew members who will be onboard the Icon of the Seas, including an indoor and outdoor hub, a gym, and a hair salon.

“When I worked on the Royal Caribbean ships, the innovation was reflected in the crew accommodations even way back then,” said Michael Bayley, President & CEO, Royal Caribbean. “The amount of energy and investment has increased and very much mirrors the guests.”

To design the crew accommodation area, the company asked crew members what they needed, such as more storage space, privacy, and so on. Over 1,000 crew members were involved in the design of the space, reviewing the mockups and giving feedback.

“We really purposefully tried to bring the majority of all of their external spaces, the public spaces we call them, together into one neighborhood,” said Kelly Gonzales, Senior Vice President of Architectural Design, Newbuilding, Royal Caribbean Group.

Also upgraded are the crew cabins, which will be in an L-shaped layout, providing an easier climb into the top bunk, with enhanced materials and finishing, like a guest cabin.

Crew cabin aboard Icon of the Seas

Good crew accommodation areas on a cruise ship are crucial for the well-being of the crew, their efficiency and productivity, recruitment and retention efforts, safety preparedness, and ultimately, guest satisfaction.

Investing in these areas demonstrates a commitment to creating a better work experience for crew, and a better cruise experience for passengers.

Crew members spend a significant amount of time on the ship, often working long hours and rotating shifts. Having comfortable and well-maintained living quarters allows them to rest, relax, and recharge. This promotes their physical and mental well-being, ultimately boosting morale, job satisfaction, and performance.

The crew’s role in providing exceptional guest experiences cannot be overstated. A happy and well-rested crew is more likely to deliver top-notch service, exceeding guest expectations. Good crew accommodation areas indirectly contribute to guest satisfaction by fostering a positive work environment that enhances the overall cruise experience.

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