Celebrity updates COVID protocols for Caribbean, UK and Greek cruises

Celebrity Cruises, which is only sailing with vaccinated guests when it resumes cruise services in the UK, Caribbean and Greece, has relaxed several of its COVID-19 safety protocols.

During a webinar for the travel community with Dondra Ritzenthaler, the Senior Vice President of Sales for Celebrity Cruises, it was announced that rules regarding the wearing of masks and going ashore at ports of call have been updated.

Guests will no longer have to wear masks when on the outside decks

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However, this is only possible because Celebrity Cruises will require full vaccination from guests at the time of booking, while those who medically are unable to get the vaccine will have to prove it.

“We’re going to do vaccinated guests… the reason for that is that we want to be so smart, and so safe, and make sure that every guest that comes onboard knows there is herd immunity onboard the ships, because 95% of the ship has to be vaccinated,” said Ritzenthaler.

Guests will now no longer have to wear a mask when on the outdoor decks, or inside the ship, as long as they are able to maintain a safe distance from others not in their travel group.

When in transit from one point on the ship to another, masks will be required, but when in the lounge, bar, restaurant and so on, they will be able to remove the mask.

When eating or drinking within the ships, guests will also be able to remove their mask

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Celebrity Cruises updated rules regarding masks follow the CDC’s guidance, which previously said masks should be worn at all times, even while eating or drinking, which cruise lines and passengers pointed out was unfeasible.

The CDC now says that vaccinated passengers can remove their masks while eating or drinking.

Also as part of the CDC’s updated guidance, and based on agreements with cruise destinations on its itineraries, Celebrity Cruises has announced that fully vaccinated passengers will be able to go ashore alone.

Previously, the cruise line had said passengers could only go ashore as part of an organized shore excursion.

Celebrity Cruises will also be enabling guests to book back-to-back cruises in the UK, Caribbean and Greek Isles. This was not previously possible due to local health regulations. Guests will still need to take a COVID-19 test between itineraries.

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