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South African YouTuber among influencers invited on MSC’s first World Cruise

MSC Magnifica (a sister ship to South Africa-based Musica) has embarked on MSC Cruises first-ever World Cruise, a 119-day voyage of discovery and adventure to 49 cruise destinations in 32 different countries, with nine international social media ‘influencers’ invited along, including one from South Africa.

Nick Miller, his wife, and baby son Jesse, will join MSC Magnifica for part of the journey, taking part in what MSC Cruises calls “the first round-the-world relay race at sea”. Miller will be aboard Magnifica on her cruise leg from Perth, Australia to Phuket, Thailand, from March 26th to the 8th of April.

MSC Magnifica will visit 49 ports in 32 countries, with 12 overnight stays.

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He will be the 7th influencer to sail aboard the ship during her World Cruise. The other influencers taking part are:

Benn TK (the first racer of the relay race, sailing from the Mediterranean waters of Genoa, Italy to the turquoise Caribbean, in St. Maarten, from the 5th to 17th of January)

Kara and Nate (for the second leg of the relay race, from St. Maarten to Puntarenas, Costa Rica, from the 17th to 28th of January)

Izhan (from Puntarenas, Costa Rica to San Francisco, California, from the 28th of January to the 10th of February)

Daniel and Jessica of Life to Go (from San Francisco to tropical Bora Bora from the 10th of February to the 27th)

Anil B and his girlfriend Ophélie Duvillard, who is also an influencer (from Bora Bora to Auckland, New Zealand, from the 27th of February to 13th of March).

Nicolò Balini of Human Safari (from Auckland, New Zealand to Perth, Australia from the 13th to 26th of March)

Nick Miller (from Perth, Australia to Phuket, Thailand, from March 26th to the 8th of April)

Ayumu Yamashita (from Phuket, Thailand to Muscat, Oman, from the 8th to the 19th of April)

Vitor Liberato (rounds off the end of this epic relay race, joining the ship on the 8th of April in Muscat, until he disembarks back in Genoa on the 3rd of May)

The 119-day World Cruise starts and ends in Genoa, Italy.

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MSC Cruises said in a statement that it is aiming to capture various aspects of the cruise with this project. “The nine social influencers from different parts of the world will each sail a different segment of the cruise and capture their experiences so that their fans can follow this incredible voyage of discovery,” it said.

 “They will curate stories inspired by the ‘made by humans’ concept, meeting and interacting with local people ashore in the 32 different countries that the ship will visit, creating a celebration of global culture. They will also step into the shoes of the incredible crew members on board the ship and share this unique experience through their eyes,” the statement added.

MSC Cruises is calling its influencer program ‘the first round-the-world relay race at sea’

While Magnifica’s 2019 World Cruise sold out well-before her departure date, the collaboration with these nine influencers will be aimed at driving sales for her second World Cruise in 2020, and her third in 2021.

On her 2019 global voyage, MSC Magnifica will visit destinations like the tropical paradises of Costa Rica, Honolulu and Bora Bora, cultural hotspots like Barcelona and Rome, and fascinating desert landscapes of the Arab Emirates, Oman and Egypt.

She will also be staying an average of 13 hours in each port (and overnight in 12 of them), giving guests plenty of time to enjoy more than 250 shore excursions on offer.

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