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Silver Spirit to sail Doha to Athens cruise in 2025 at end of South African season

After spending the 2024/25 South African cruise season sailing roundtrip itineraries from Cape Town, Silver Spirit will sail a one-off 17-night Doha to Athens repositioning voyage.

The cruise, departing April 10th, 2025, is one of only a handful of cruises departing Doha, Qatar exclusively during the season, with most of the cruise ships using the port for turnarounds homeporting in Dubai primarily.

The 17-night voyage will take Silver Spirit to Bahrain, as well as Dubai in the UAE, Salalah in Oman, and three ports in Egypt.

Silver Spirit

The calls to Safaga, Sharm El Sheikh and Port Sokhna in Egypt will be particularly popular with passengers for the mix of culture, history and relaxation on offer, while the transit of the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean is a sought after rite of passage for any serious cruiser.

After transiting the Suez Canal, Silver Spirit will make her way directly for Piraeus (Athens), Greece, where passengers can immerse themselves in one of the Western world’s most ancient cities, widely regarded as the cradle of Western civilization. 

The cruise stands out for its range of destinations on offer, from the thriving metropolises of Dubai and Bahrain to the sleepy, sandy-beached shores of Sharm-El-Sheikh with its world-renowned diving opportunities.

In Salalah, Oman the scent of frankincense trees fills the air and ancient ruins whisper tales of the once-thriving Incense trade route, while Safaga, Sharm El Sheikh, and Port Sokhna offer an immersive dive into Egyptian history. 

These destinations will offer travellers a tapestry of experiences—from the sun-kissed shores of the Red Sea to the gateway of wonders such as the Valley of the Kings and the majestic temples of Luxor near Safaga.

One of the highlights of the cruise is the transit through the Suez Canal, a marvel of human engineering. This passage not only marks a geographical transition from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean but also symbolizes a journey through time—from the ancient lands of pharaohs into the birthplace of Western civilization.

Suez Canal

Upon the completion of the canal crossing, Silver Spirit will chart a course for Piraeus, the port city gateway to Athens. This final destination offers passengers a chance to wander through ruins steeped in mythology and to tread the same stones as philosophers, warriors, and scholars of ancient Greece.

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