Carnival Cruise Line to introduce new late-night snack menu fleetwide

Carnival Cruise Line continues to expand its dining options with a new menu of late-night snacks following hot on the heels of a revamped main dining room menu that is being rolled out fleetwide.

The new late-night snack option was announced by the cruise line’s Brand Ambassador John Heald, who said it will complement the selection of pizzas that are currently available across the fleet in late hours.

Called “Good Eats: Late Night Snack” the new late night snack menu will feature different choices, such as fried chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce and hot dogs with chili and grilled onions.

A sample of the new menu

There will also be a selection of salads, such as coleslaw and chips and salsa, in addition to chicken noodle soup, Italian meatball sandwiches, ham and cheese rolls and two choices of Chicago-style pizzas.

When it comes to desserts, there’ll be a selection of chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Unlike the new dining room menus, the late-night snack option will be introduced fleetwide immediately this week.

The opening and closing timing of the late-night food service may vary from ship to ship, according to Heald,based on peak periods and guest demographics.

Commenting on the change, Heald thanked Carnival’s culinary team for considering the passengers’ feedback and also highlighted a positive response to the new service.

The new menu is available fleetwide

“Thank you for all the great comments on the new late-night menu and a massive thank you to the culinary team for listening to the comments I have been sending them,” he said in a social media post.

The new late night snack menu appears to be Carnival’s replacement for the midnight buffet, as Heald also confirmed that the cruise line is not bringing the tradition back.

In addition to the new service, the company also offers an extra-charge room service menu for late night snacks.

With prices ranging from $3 to $8, the 24-hour menu includes a choice of sandwiches, salads, snacks and sweets.

These changes come just weeks after Carnival Cruise Line announced enhancements to its main dining room offerings with nearly 60 new entree presentations, and choices from the cruise line’s specialty restaurants, designed by Chief Culinary Officer Emeril Lagasse.

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