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Cruise Saudi appoints PR and marketing firm to handle global comms

The public relations and marketing agency LOTUS has been appointed by Cruise Saudi to manage its global communications strategy, according to a press release.

LOTUS will focus on the priority markets of Saudi Arabia, the wider GCC region, Europe, UK and USA, as Cruise Saudi embarks upon a new phase of development in growing the Saudi Arabian cruise industry.

Having established Saudi Arabia as a cruise destination, and undertaken major infrastructure development projects to improve facilities for cruise ships and their passengers, Cruise Saudi is now looking to connecti international cruise tourist to the Kingdom.

MSC Bellissima in Jeddah

According to Cruise Saudi, LOTUS will oversee international media outreach and global trade fair management to support the rapid expansion of Saudi Arabia’s cruise industry, showcasing what Lars Clasen, CEO of Cruise Saudi calls its culturally rich people and visually beautiful landscapes.

“Cruise Saudi is truly connecting Saudi to the rest of the world, showcasing the importance of the cruise industry as a way of discovering the culturally rich and visually beautiful country,” he said.

“With two highly successful seasons already completed, our partnership with LOTUS has come at a pivotal phase as we look ahead to welcome 1.3 million cruise passenger visits by 2035 and to position Saudi as a top cruising destination on the global stage,” he added.

Cruise Saudi is a 100% Public Investment Fund-owned business and has been charged with developing the Kingdom’s nascent but fast growing cruise industry, and has already established a robust domestic cruise source market.

Lars Clasen, CEO of Cruise Saudi

Saudi Arabia, with its various regions and natural, historic and heritage treasures, holds immense potential as a unique and distinctive destination on the global cruise map, and its position on the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf is a particular boon for the wider Middle East cruise industry.

“We are so proud to announce that we have been appointed by Cruise Saudi to lead on their communications strategy,” said Jules Ugo, CEO at LOTUS. “The rapid development of the Kingdom’s cruise industry is astounding, and we look forward to actively contributing and supporting during this incredible period of expansion.”

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