Carnival Cruise Line doubles down as America’s cruise line with new hull art livery

Carnival Cruise Line has announced that all ships in the fleet will get new hull art and livery to match that of its newest cruise ship Mardi Gras.

Carnival Cruise Line’s new livery and hull art is a celebration of its imminent 50th anniversary, but also underscores its brand identity as America’s cruise line.

The new hull art livery is characterized by a stately navy blue hull, along with vibrant red and white accents running the entire length of the ship. Carnival says the blue hull is inspired by officers’ uniforms, but it also subtly evokes the colours of the American flag.

The new hull livery is based on that of Carnival’s new ship Mardi Gras

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The new livery positions Carnival Cruise Lines proudly as America’s cruise line, and underscores the brand’s commitment to the domestic cruise market in the US.

Carnival is the only major US cruise lines that has not shifted its homeports from the US to Caribbean amid the ongoing shutdown of the US cruise sector, and has insisted it has no plans to do so.

Carnival Dream will be the first ship in the fleet to debut the new livery (after Mardi Gras)

“I have always said that Carnival Cruise Line is America’s cruise line,” said Christine Duffy, President & CEO of Carnival Cruise Line. “We sail from 14 UShomeports, 50 percent of our itineraries are less than seven-day sailings, and a significant number of our guests drive to their Carnival cruise vacation.”

Although Duffy has since indicated that the cruise line may have no choice but to shift homeports to the Caribbean temporarily, no confirmed plans for such a move have been announced.

The CDC’s recent streamlining of the Conditional Sailing Order makes it even less likely that Carnival will move its homeports outside the US.

SS Leviathan of United States Lines

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The new Carnival livery also taps into America’s maritime history. The blue, white and red accents are similar to the early livery of United States Lines, the transatlantic shipping company that competed with Cunard from 1921 to 1969—most famously operating the SS United States.

Carnival Magic will be the first of the cruise line’s ships to receive the new livery, followed by Carnival Glory, with the rest of the fleet following during scheduled dry dockings throughout the year.

“When we first saw the hull design for Mardi Gras, we knew it was something special and, particularly as we get ready to celebrate our 50th birthday, we’re delighted to incorporate this stunning livery as a signature exterior design element across our fleet,” said Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Line.

In addition to the new livery, Carnival Magic will emerge from its drydock on May 24th with an expanded casino, as well as a host of enhancements, including freshening up the finishes for the WaterWorks aqua park and pools.

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