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What to do and see on the Big Island of Hawaii

Where luscious greenery meets dreamy skies, tranquil waters,  and exotic plants. This is the Big Island of Hawaii.

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A trip of a lifetime, the Big Island is often considered the most diverse and adventurous island in Hawaii.  Is this your dream destination but you’re stuck on ideas on what to do when you get there? Well, look no further because we’ve put together an exciting list of ideas for you.


If you’re making your way to Hawaii, then chances are you’re looking forward to seeing some epic nature such as black sand beaches.

Yes, you read that right, black sand. Visit Punaluu Beach, a black sand beach, the result of volcanic lava flowing into the ocean.

Punaluu Beach

If you thought a black sand beach was all there is, then you’ll be happy to know that the Big Island is home to one of four green sand beaches in the world.

Accessing this beach does involve a hike as the beach is tucked inside the remains of an eroded volcanic crater however it’s worth it to experience this picturesque beach in person.


A trip to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without a visit to see its two active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa, at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which is an incredible experience, it’s not every day you get to witness active volcanoes, the lava which stretches for miles resembles another world. If you visit at the right time, you can even catch lava falling into the ocean, nature’s fireworks.

Manta Ray swim 

Hawaii is the place to take part in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I mean where else would you be able to swim under the moonlight with manta rays. There are two ways you get to see these majestic creatures. The first is a snorkeling tour, where the snorkelers hold on to a flotation device that is lit up to see the manta rays below. The second is scuba diving to see the mantas, where you can watch them from the ocean floor. You Can read more about this stunning adventure if this sounds like your kind of activity. After your swim, be sure to keep an eye out for the sky as you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way.


A must when in Hawaii is appreciating the incredible night sky. The Big Island is the youngest Hawaiian island which is still growing due to volcanic activity and there are parts of the Island with no light pollution or development. This makes it the perfect place to catch a rare glimpse of the sky in all its glory. On top of that, Mauna Kea is most famous for its observatories, the slopes offer an incredible point to view the sky from. Here you can witness the dark clear skies and witness the magic of nature.

Mauna Loa is another great vantage point, due to its lower elevation there are more clouds which means it’s not very popular. This is great news for you however if you want the slopes to yourself. Just you and the universe.

Stargazing is such a phenomenal activity that tours can be booked to witness the magical skies of the Big Island, which can sometimes include other activities such as lava tube hiking.

Helicopter rides

If heights are your thing then give the helicopter rides ago. On the Big Island, you’ll find yourself flying over waterfalls, volcanic mountains, and lush greenery. An early morning flight is your best bet and will deliver the most stunning views, think ocean mist and lava vents. These tours can last from 40 minutes to an entire day. It’s worth noting that some of the best places are difficult to see and reach by foot so the sky is your best shot at witnessing the true glory of the Big Island.


The Island is full of stunning waterfalls, some involve a hike, and others like the Rainbow Falls can be seen from the parking lot! Named the Rainbow Falls because of the rainbow that forms on the spray when the sun is shining directly at the waterfall. The ‘Akaka Falls is one of Hawaii’s most majestic waterfalls and is pretty easy to get to. There is also a viewing platform that gives you an incredible view of the waterfall and allows you to take in all the magic at once. The surroundings, the ‘Akaka Falls State Parks provide a beautiful landscape of lush greenery.

The Island is home to so much incredible nature, and the suggestions above will help guide you on your Big Island adventure. Don’t forget to tailor your trip to your taste and choose the things you love to do.

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