Oceania Cruises reveals name and interiors of new Allura-class ship

Oceania Cruises has released interior renderings and announced the name of its new Allura-class cruise ship, the first of which is set to join the fleet in 2023.

Oceania Vista will be the first of two planned Allura-class cruise ships for the line, with an interior inspired by the “beautiful age” of early 20th-century Parisian society.

A rendering of Vista.

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The 1,200-passenger ship will be 67,000-gross tons and carry a crew of 800. The second Allura-class ship, which has not been named yet, will be delivered in 2025. Both are being constructed by Fincantieri.

“Oceania Cruises is an innovative and ever-evolving brand. We are always looking over the horizon, and Vista represents our view to the future,” said Bob Binder, President & CEO of Oceania Cruises.

“Our officers and crew are always bringing great new ideas to the forefront and then implementing them. More than any other part of the Oceania Cruises organization, we owe our success to our onboard teams,” he added.

Oceania Cruises has described Vista as “a marvel in the making”, intended to mark the dawn of a new age in travel, but additional details about her onboard spaces, facilities and amenities will be released later.

The Grand Dining Room aboard the new Allura class.

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Oceania has confirmed, however, that she will feature ten dining options and large, residentially-inspired staterooms and suites. New details will be released in May, while her inaugural voyages open for sale in September, 2021.

“Vista will deliver The Finest Cuisine at Sea, exceptionally personalized service with two staff members for every three guests, a warm and welcoming ambiance as a result of the ship’s captivating residential furnishings, and introduce several unique firsts for the brand in the realms of dining and guest experience,”the cruise line said.

The cruise line said passengers will be “wowed by the dramatic and glamorous” public spaces, such as The Grand Dining Room, which soars almost two decks in height and is a contemporary interpretation of Belle Époque.

Belle Époque is the name given to the three decades in France preceding the outbreak of World War One, during which the French Third Republic was characterized by optimism, regional peace, economic prosperity and technological and cultural innovation.

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