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Seabourn releases new 2021/22 itineraries with first return to Egypt since 2014

The luxury cruise line Seabourn has released its “Extraordinary Destinations E-Brochure,” highlighting its worldwide itineraries for the fall 2021 and winter/spring 2022 seasons, with eight cruises to or from Dubai and its first port calls in Egypt since 2014.

Seabourn Ovation and Seabourn Encore will return to the Arabian Gulf in 2021 and 2022 with a series of cruises from Athens to Dubai, and from Dubai to Singapore and vice-versa, while one Dubai-Athens itinerary will include port calls in Safaga and Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.

Seabourn will be cruising to or from Dubai eight times in 2021 and 2022

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In addition to the Arabian Gulf, Seabourn’s fleet will also be cruising to destinations in Australia & New Zealand, Southeast Asia, India, Africa, the Panama Canal, and the Caribbean.

“Many travelers are dreaming about their next great luxury vacation, and our new e-brochure is a great source of inspiration for luxury travelers to plan their next leisure travel,” said Chris Austin, Seabourn’s senior vice president of Global Marketing & Sales.

Seabourn’s regular cruise itineraries featuring Dubai as a port of call and turnaround port reflect the growing appeal of the city and the wider Arabian Gulf as a cruise destination. Of the Arabian region, Seabourn has this to say:

Over the ages, the allure of fragrant frankincense and sandalwood, the lustrous gleam of pearls and gold have drawn intrepid sailors along these sea routes. Today Dubai’s glittering towers rise like mirages above their past, while stone-carved Petra stands untouched…

Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation will each sail four cruises to or from Dubai during 2021 and 2022, but only one of them will include calls in Egypt as Seabourn looks to test the waters of a return to the country, after pulling out in 2014 in the wake of the unrest that swept the region during the so-called Arab Spring.

Seabourn’s new cruise itineraries for Arabia in 2021 and 2022

Seabourn Encore will sail an 18-night cruise from Athens to Dubai on November 3rd, 2021, with port of call including Piraeus (Athens); Agios Nikólaos; Haifa (Tel Aviv, Nazareth); Ashdod (Jerusalem); Transit the Suez Canal; Aqaba (Petra); Muscat; Sir Bani Yas Island; Abu Dhabi; Dubai.

On November 21st she will sail a 17-night cruise from Dubai to Singapore with port of call including Dubai; Sir Bani Yas Island; Muscat; Mumbai (Bombay) ; Cochin; Sabang; Phuket; Porto Malai; Singapore.

On March 13th, 2022 she’ll return to Dubai from Singapore on another 17-night voyage, but this time she’ll visit Singapore; Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur); Georgetown (Penang); Phuket; Colombo; Mumbai (Bombay); Muscat; Sir Bani Yas Island; Abu Dhabi; Dubai.

On March 30th, 2022, Seabourn Encore will cruise from Dubai to Athens, with the 17-night itinerary including port calls in Dubai; Doha; Muscat; Aqaba (Petra); Transit the Suez Canal; Ashdod (Jerusalem); Haifa (Tel Aviv, Nazareth); Santoríni; Piraeus (Athens).

Seabourn Ovation will also cruise four times to and from Dubai, with an 18-night cruise on October 23rd, 2021 from Athens to Dubai visiting Piraeus (Athens); Agios Nikólaos; Haifa (Tel Aviv, Nazareth); Ashdod (Jerusalem); Transit the Suez Canal; Aqaba (Petra), Muscat; Sir Bani Yas Island; Doha; Dubai.

On November 10th, 2021 she’ll cruise from Dubai to Singapore, a 18-night voyage visiting Dubai; Khor al Fakkan; Muscat; Mumbai (Bombay) ; Cochin; Chennai (Madras) ; Sabang; Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur); Singapore.

On March 21st, 2022 she’ll return from Asia like Encore with an 18-night cruise from Singapore to Dubai, with port calls in Singapore; Porto Malai; Phuket; Sabang; Cochin; Mumbai (Bombay) ; Muscat; Doha; Abu Dhabi; Dubai.

Then, on April 8th, 2022, Seabourn Ovation will cruise home to Europe, cruising from Dubai to Athens and visiting Dubai; Salālah; Safaga (Luxor) ; Sharm el-Sheikh; Aqaba (Petra); Transit the Suez Canal; Haifa (Tel Aviv, Nazareth) ; Santoríni; Piraeus (Athens).

Seabourn Encore

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The return of Seabourn to Egypt is a major boost for the country’s tourism industry, which was hammered by the so-called Arab Spring uprisings and resulting political instability in the country.

Safaga is the gateway to the ancient Luxor

The ports of Safaga and Sharm El-Sheikh were key tourist resorts prior to the decline of the country’s tourism sector, but retain their magical charm. Safaga, located on the Red Sea, is a gateway to Luxor on the River Nile, with the magnificent ruins of the Karnak and Luxor temple complexes, and, on the opposite banks of the Nile the mysterious monuments, beautiful temples and the fascinating tombs of the Valleys of Kings and Queens.

Sharm, located between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea, is known for its sheltered sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs.

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