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5 Reasons to book an Indian Ocean cruise

Covering approximately 20% of the Earth’s surface and hiding Java trench at as deep as 7,258m, the Indian ocean is home to many dazzling destinations for enthusiastic travelers.

Cochin, India

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Either for a honeymoon or a family summer trip, an Indian ocean cruise is a once in a lifetime experience.

Many of the world’s most beautiful destinations, such as Mauritius, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Madagascar, Singapore, and Bangkok, lie on the Indian Ocean. Vast coral reefs, palm-fringed beaches, bustling cities, and places lush in natural beauty are all available on an Indian ocean cruise.

Here’s our pick of the top 5 reasons you need to explore the Indian ocean on your next cruise adventure:

Ganpatipule in India

An all-in-one destination

Thinking of a trip to exotic beach destinations? Or want to relax in a lagoon? Wildlife exploration on your mind? No matter what you fancy, the Indian ocean offers it in abundance.

Their bright colors and white sand distinguish the beaches of the Indian Ocean. The turquoise seas cover eye-catching coral reefs and their mind-boggling diversity of marine life.

Watch the giant tortoises in the Seychelles or play with lemurs at Madagascar. Marvel at the view of the ports or relish the local delicacies in the cities. Spend some time amidst surging sea waves and lose yourself into the indescribable serenity of nature.

Seafood market

Delectable cuisines

Indian ocean cruises provide an array of locations to tickle your taste buds. Stop in Singapore and relish the street food. Or enjoy the coconut flavors of Sri Lankan curry and rice. Sample spicy Madagascan stews. Enjoy the fresh seafood in Malaysia. Taste and sense why Vada-Pav is famous in Mumbai. Savor the moment enjoying spicy cashews and prawns in Goa.

The Seychelles

Peace of mind in abundance

The Seychelles is one of the most Instagram-able places on the Earth, and with good reason. It lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean, between the west coast of India and the east coast of Africa. Did you know that the Seychelles is home to more rare birds than almost any other country in the world?

Find total peace of mind on a tranquil island, go on a hike into the national parks or lose yourself amidst the dense forests.

Yoga on the beach

Blend luxury and culture

Be it a stop in Thailand or Sri Lanka, make sure to enjoy one of the traditional massages that detox and refresh every inch from within. Beach resorts in the Indian Ocean are world-renowned for their luxurious spas specializing in exotic local treatments.

Take a quick yoga course in Mumbai. Experience the peace of ayurvedic treatment at Sri Lankan resorts. Or relax in one of the most luxurious pool suites in the Maldives.

If you rent a car for local exploring during your port call, it would be wise to get a kayak roof rack as most countries with an Indian Ocean coastline are best explored from the sea.

Lemurs in Madagascar

Fun, adventure and activities

Fun and adventure lie both above and below the waters of the Indian ocean. Satiate your thirst for adventure by taking a deep dive in the Seychelles and explore the most amazing aquatic life.

Love sailing? Well, the beaches of the Indian ocean are known for the sailing spots. Go spoil yourself.

Don’t want to get wet but want sports? Spend the day at one of the award-winning golf courses in Mauritius. The island is known for its jaw-dropping sea views on the fairway.

When Looking for family fun, stay in some of the world’s best beach hotels in Mumbai, Goa, Cochin, or Sri Lanka. Many of the 4- and 5-star hotels here are known for plenty of family fun activities.

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