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Top 5 best cruise destinations in 2020

There is an almost limitless range of options to choose from when it comes to picking a cruise in 2020. No matter what you’re looking for or who you’re traveling with, there are plenty of sights to see and destinations to explore.

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While a cruise is itself one of the most luxurious vacations you can ever book, choosing a destination is always going to be a challenge.

In 2020, you have more options to choose from than ever before.

If you’re planning a cruise in 2020, but you’re not sure where in the world you want to visit, here are some of the best cruise destinations to choose from that might make you feel like never returning home.

1. Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

With bustling mainland spots alongside exciting safaris and idyllic islands, never overlook Africa as a cruise destination. This is about as exotic as it gets, and with variations that can see you explore jungles one day and exotic beaches the next, you certainly won’t ever get bored if you choose Africa as your cruise destination in 2020.

2. Japan

Diamond Princess cruising off the coast of Japan

A cruise tour of Japan invariably covers a lot more than you might think. Not only will you get to witness the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, but you can also enjoy the tranquillity and peace of traditional Japan. Most Japan-based cruises conduct a coastal tour while taking in the many islands of Japan, before heading off to South Korea.

This then means that you get more of a traditional experience while enjoying the luxury of your ship.

3. The Bahamas

Parliament Square, Bahamas

Never too far down any list of best cruise destinations no matter what year you’re traveling, the Bahamas should always be an option. From Grand Cayman to Jamaica, there’s going to be something for everyone on a tour of the Bahamas. If it’s luxury you’re looking for, then the Bahamas should always be on your shortlist of cruise ship destinations.

4. Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

One of the best things about a cruise around Egypt is the sheer number of widely diverse excursions on offer. Of course, the pyramids are going to be essential viewing, but with trips to the Dead Sea and the Grand Egyptian Museum, you’re never going to run out of sights to see and bazaars to explore. For history buffs or those that simply want to see more of the diversity of this part of the world, Egypt is something truly special.

5. Everywhere

Regent Seven Seas in port in Dubai

Being so spoiled for choice can make choosing a cruise destination quite stressful. If you can’t narrow down your options then it might be worth looking at simply going everywhere. The Regent Tour is a cruise favourite, and for good reason. When it comes to the best 2020 world cruises the Regent Tour is hard to beat. Spanning six continents, 30 countries, and 66 ports, this is the cruise that will change your life.

The best cruise for you will depend on what you want from it and who you’re traveling with. Take your time to plan your destination and involve all members of your party in the decision. The more that you plan and research your cruise, the better an experience you will have. Get your destination right and you might want to spend the rest of your life just cruising from port to port and experiencing the best that the world has to offer.

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