Seabourn reveals unique Bow Lounge for new Seabourn Venture after keel laying

Luxury cruise line Seabourn has revealed renderings for its new Bow Lounge concept, due to debut aboard its new ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ship, Seabourn Venture in June 2021.

The Bow Lounge is the first observation lounge on a cruise ship to take direct inspiration from the ship’s Navigation Bridge, with touch-screen information panels against large windows and captain’s chair-style stools on which passengers can sit and observe the remote destination in which the ship will sail.

Seabourn Venture is due for delivery in 2021

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“While we can’t put Seabourn guests in the captain’s chair on the bridge, the Bow Lounge  helps guests feel like they are part of the action because of the position at the very front of the ship along with information like maps and charts displayed on touch screens,” said Richard Meadows, President, Seabourn.

“The lounge is one of those unique features that will set Seabourn Venture apart from most expedition vessels, where guests can quickly walk outside to spot natural features or wildlife as they learn from the expedition team, while illuminating and invigorating the experience by getting them as close as possible to the world outside,” he added.

Located on Deck 6, at the forward-most part of the vessel, the Bow Lounge will provide the closest access to water level via the foredeck, making it the perfect spot for guests to spend some time watching for marine life.

Within a few steps, guests can be outside (just like the captain on his bridge wing), with a vantage point that is ideal to watch the ship’s course, spot wildlife, or take in the beautiful natural scenery.

As envisioned by renowned designer Adam D. Tihany, the creative design eye behind the new vessels, the Bow Lounge will introduce some technological enhancements, providing guests with a first for Seabourn with touch screens showing the ship’s plotted location, as well as navigational charts and scientific information used to help guide the ship on its journey.

The Bow Lounge will be located on Deck 6 with direct access to open decks

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Large screens against the back wall of the lounge will project live footage from mounted cameras outside the ship, and from a drone when conditions permit, while the touch screen monitors will enable guests to explore on their own with a live map, weather information, and notes detailing upcoming expeditions.

Expedition Team members will be available within the Lounge throughout the day to interact with guests, answer questions, provide interpretation and aid in spotting wildlife.

The space will also provide direct access to the Bow Sprit on Deck 6 forward (when conditions permit) to give guests the sensation of standing in front of the ship and views of waves parting and ice sloughing off the bow at the waterline.

The ‘Pantry in the Bow Lounge’, one of eight dining experiences on Seabourn’s new expedition ships, will allow guests to help themselves to freshly prepared light fare and refreshments as they scan the horizon and socialise with others onboard.

Each new ultra-luxury expedition ship will feature 132 luxurious oceanfront veranda suites.

More details about the expedition ships will continue to be revealed in the coming months and while the second sister ship is set to launch in May 2022, the keel has already been laid for the first, Seabourn Venture.

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