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Cruise on land: Tips for timing your Louisiana RV vacation

Part of the appeal of a cruise vacation is the ‘only unpack once’ factor, with your cabin and the ship a travelling hotel and comfortable base of operations. Its for this reason that many cruise passengers also enjoy yacht rentals, or overnight train tours and RV rentals by land. Here we take a look at some tips for timing the perfect RV vacation in Louisiana.


There are a lot of vacation tips out there. From renting an RV, to places to eat and things to do with families, many lists overlook the fact that a well-timed vacation can make all the difference, no matter what the details!

It’s true that you may have to schedule your vacation when the kids are off school or you’re able to take the time off at work, but if you have some flexibility, make sure you take these things into consideration when planning your Louisiana RV vacation.

Consider the Weather

The weather in Louisiana is an important consideration because it can make or break your vacation. If you get stuck sitting inside the RV the majority of the time because it’s rainy or cold, you may wish that you just stayed home!

The best times to visit the state are between the months of February and May. That’s when the weather is relatively comfortable and cool. However, there is a little leeway, depending on the year. Visiting mid-January or mid-June can make for a comfortable vacation as well.

But Don’t Discount the off Season Completely

The weather can be a huge factor in your enjoyment of Louisiana, but that doesn’t mean you should discount the off season completely.

RV parks open up a bit more in the summer when it gets really hot, and in the winter when it’s cold. It isn’t uncommon for temperatures to reach the 90s between the months of June and August and only the 60s in December and January, so many people avoid traveling at this time, but it can make traveling for you much easier.

You should be very wary of hurricane season. There are plenty of savings to be had if you travel during this time of year, but keep a close eye on the weather report in September through November and cancel your trip if a hurricane seems imminent.

Consider Cost

One of the biggest reasons to consider traveling during the off season is the fact that traveling can be much cheaper and you’re likely to find more deals on area attractions. Staying in an RV helps too because hotels can get so expensive!

Research Festivals and Events

There are plenty of attractions in Louisiana that are open all year round, but this state is definitely known for its festivals and events. After doing a little research, you will realize you have many options to choose from:

  • Mardis Gras, which takes place in February
  • Skip the Mardis Gras crowd and catch the beginning of Carnival season in January
  • The Jazz Festival, which takes place in April and May
  • Check out the holiday festivities in December

Vacationing on the fly can be fun, but if you want to get the most out of your experience, you need to do a little planning. Whether you want to enjoy nice weather or you want to be there for one of Louisiana’s world-renowned festivals, follow the tips on this list to increase your chances of planning the perfect vacation.

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