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Industry Focus: How cruise lines will attract millennials

Cruises are an attractive holiday option for many people the world over. The ability to see other countries combined with good weather and everything you could ever want on a holiday undoubtedly form a truly enjoyable holiday package.

Previously, cruises seem to have been aimed at the older generation and newlyweds. Now, however, cruise companies are turning their attention to millennials, and using innovative methods to attract them. Here are some of the current and future methods they may use.


One cruise company will be offering a cruise which is aimed solely at those between the ages of 21-45. In fact, they are going to be incredibly strict with the criteria, only allowing those between that age bracket to go on the cruise.

This exclusivity means that everyone on the cruise should be able to relate to one another and are more likely to enjoy the same type of activities and atmosphere. It will also get far more millennials on board with the idea of going on a cruise for a holiday, and potentially bring more custom in the future.


Many cruises will also be looking to create unique and exciting events for young people, adding things like a DJ and spin classes as cruise activities. This shows a clear shift away from promoting cruises as ‘relaxing’ holidays to promoting them as action packed and activity fuelled.

Since music can be played as loud as possible in the middle of the ocean, these cruises promise to be loud and party centric, and there will undoubtedly be a lot of alcohol involved as a result.


The cost of the trip is one final factor which is likely to make an impact on the millennial generation. Many want cruises which are shorter and cheaper, and as such cruises will have to cater to this, offering all the excitement and adventure in a shorter time period.

It is also common to find millennials using their laptops and mobile devices on cruises for things like trading on metatrader or watching films. Cruises which keep WiFi costs down and create an internet friendly environment are sure to appear even more attractive to millennials.

The various different types of cruises which exist today are certainly having to adapt to a changing customer base, and it is likely that cruises will continue to change over the coming years as they become increasingly popular with a new age group.

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